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Why Audit your IT Systems?

Website Security Audit examines your website pages, applications and web servers to find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that would give hackers an opportunity to do damage. It is the most effective way to identify loopholes in your own website before a hacker finds it and exploit it against you. Web Security Audit also known as Web Penetration Testing.

A network security audit also known as Network Penetration Test is a means by which the ongoing level of performance of an organization’s network security can be monitored and it allows for the investigation and pinpointing of chosen trends and specific security incidents. This is a very effective measurable way to monitor the network's security level for internal & external security threats.

An insecure wireless network opens up your organization to the external world and poses a security risk. Rogue access points, installed by employees on the infrastructure, which do not follow the organization’s security guidelines, can also be used to compromise your organization. Here we will simulate the actual hack to identify loopholes in your wireless network.

Regulatory authorities like CVC, SEBI, RBI, IRDA, CCA, ISO, PCI, etc release guidelines on how certain practices and policies should be developed in organizations belonging to different industries. However, it’s not always easy to determine how these guidelines are applicable to your organization and its processes. Here we help the organization to develop & implement those guidlines.

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